Our Process

Every organization is different.  No two are alike. Every client has different objectives and results they wish to accomplish.  At Stone Arch Organization Development, we understand this dynamic.  Our process is about connecting with clients and helping them achieve their desired results. We believe relationships are key in these initiatives.  That's why we strive to build trust from the very first conversation. 

 Our Consulting Model                                               

We collaborates with clients to develop a relationship based on trust.  Here's how we do it:

  • Focus of Change:  We start with an exploratory conversation.  What is it that you see needs improvement?  What is the focus of the change you desire?  To get the results you desire, we need to know where you are and where you want to be in the future.  Tell us your struggles. Tell us your aspirations.  We're ready to listen. 


  • Data Collection:  We utilize trusted tools, techniques and processes such as 360 degree feedback, board evaluation, employee engagement instruments, constituent focus groups, and/or observation to assist in collecting the data our clients desire for improved results.  Eclectic data collection is proven to strengthen the quest for truth.


  • Feedback:  We deliver relevant, understandable, descriptive, verifiable and timely information from the data collected. 


  • Action Plans:  We deliver structured solutions based on the clients goals and the data collected to help the client achieve desired results. 


  • Implementation:  We help build a support system for action plans and processes for improvement. We consistently and actively stay by your side to reinforce new skills, behaviors and competencies, which increases effectiveness of change and leads to better outcomes.


  • Measurement:  We evaluate results and analyze the value added.  Have we accomplished the desired outcomes?


Stone Arch Organization Development strives to build trust from the very beginning of the relationship and keep it.  With a listening ear, practical advice, proven methods, personal support, and a working style of collaboration, our desire is to walk along side you to achieve your goals.   Let us prove we can exceed your expectations and help you cross the bridge to a brighter future. 

"Scott engaged with us to think and explore deeper into the world of combining higher education and corporate learning for the benefit of future corporate leadership.  His past educational and business expertise was extremely valuable in broadening the concept of crossing the two industries.  Our work will enhance the succession planning of businesses and strengthen their next generation of leadership.  Scott's personal style and analytical skills were valuable assets to our project and added a level of professionalism that ensured our success." 

Troy Boone,
Corp U