Executive Coaching

Companies that prosper do so under great leadership.  Are effective leaders born that way?  Most unlikely.  Leaders are made.  Effective leadership develops over time; it's a process of learning growing and developing.  And sometimes the seasons of a leader's career calls for a trusted partner to navigate with them.  Executive coaching is a safety net to give leaders the competitive advantage.

Coaching Relationship                                                                                                                        

The coaching relationship will be holistically focused on you and your professional realities.  We should get to a point where you are free to share personal and professional concerns.  The relationship should be safe for discovery, free from critical opinions.  Visualize a partnership with another professional that is a trained listener, but more importantly one who really desires to understand you!  This is what constitutes a coaching relationship.  Our time together will be co-created and determined by mutual consent.  One tenant at the foundation of coaching is autonomy.  A coachee is likely to "walk on their own".  Meaning, clients are ultimately responsible for their own growth.

The Process                                                                                                                                

The coaching process is customized and adapted to fit your goals and objectives from start to finish. While there is a linear process I also make room for emergent steps in the executive coaching model.

1.  You will set preliminary goals and objectives to guide the coaching outcomes.
2.  We will gather leadership effectiveness data (e. g. assessments and/or 1:1 interviews).
3.  You will determine what should be changed or reinforced based on data collected.

4.  We will review your motivation and capability for change(s) sought.
5.  We will develop an action plan to achieve revisited goals and objectives.
6.  We will leverage the co-created action plan maximum benefit for: a)  you alone, b) you
      and your team and c)  you and your host organization. 
7.  I will hold you accountable to your action plan.
8. We will seek to celebrate the progress you have made!

      "Scott provided career coaching for me during a significant crossroads in my professional life. I valued his knowledge of organizations, candid feedback, and line of questioning that made me think through things from a fresh perspective. Early on in our coaching relationship, Scott struck me as being vested in my success. By his above-and-beyond coaching support, he constantly confirmed that commitment throughout our professional engagement. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking career coaching."

      Cory Gunderson,

      Marketing Communications Manager,

      Donaldson Company