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Employee Engagement:  How Engaged Are Your Employees?
By Scott Morrell

If you went undercover within your own organization, like the show Undercover Boss, what would people say about your company?  About you as a leader? About the culture of the organization?

In 2010, more than 18 million viewers tuned in on their televisions for an episode of Undercover Boss.  The company undercover:  Herschend Family Entertainment.  CEO at that time, Joel Manby, went undercover at their various amusement parks to get a better understanding of the company he leads.  After the airing, Herschend received thousands of letters and emails from people intrigued by what they saw and wanted to know more about Joel’s leadership.

What had they seen?  Viewers saw that Joel (CEO) had hardworking, enthusiastic, dedicated employees who were loyal and engaged.  When the host asked what was behind their culture displayed on the program, Manby replied, "We train our leaders to love each other, knowing that if they create enthusiasm with their employees, the employees will in turn create an enthusiastic guest experience.  The principles we have adopted at the corporate level and how we train our leaders to apply those principles is working."

The letters and emails Herschend received from people around the country expressed many messages of dissatisfaction and even resentment towards their own bosses and employers.  People felt as if they couldn't trust their leaders.  Countless workers wanted more from their leaders and their work environment. They, too, wanted a loving environment.

For many businesses the simple truth is this:  there is a crisis of confidence in leadership.  Frequently, we hear in the news about leaders taking from companies for personal gain.  No wonder we distrust leadership.  The level of distrust, dissatisfaction and even resentment towards employers is at all-time highs.  So what makes Herschend different?

Herschend has, and continues to create, an environment that is keeping their employees engaged and loyal.  Employee engagement is defined as a relationship between an organization and its employees whereas an engaged employee is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work. The engaged employee takes positive action to further the organizations reputation and interests.

How is the health of your business?  Are employees grateful to work for a company that truly cares about them?  Loves them? Do customers see something special...and keep coming back for more?  Are leaders leading in a way that brings bottom line results and deep commitment?  Are employees saying, "I am proud to be a part of this company!"