What We Do

Stone Arch Organization Development partners with individuals and organizations to develop, construct and strengthen them to cross the bridge to a better future.  By taking the time to listen to our clients, partner with them in strategic change management strategies that include Leadership Development, Board Development, Organization Development and Training & Development, we help organizations achieve desired results.  That's our mission.  And we're proud of it.

Leadership Development

Successful organizations manage to rise above their competitors.  What gets them there?  Effective leadership.  Research shows that better leaders create better results.  Great leaders make things happen.  Leadership is a key factor to an organization's success. 

Successful organizations know that leadership matters at all levels. Whether it's a CEO, C-level suite, high-potential, or a middle manager, effective leadership at all levels helps organizations reach their full potential.  Organizations must have business strategies in place that continually develop leaders to be successful within the organization.  Are your leaders strategically aligned to the organizations overall goals and objectives?  Are they successful in building and maintaining their team for the betterment of the organization? We offer a number of leadership development strategies to help develop leadership talent.   Read More

Board Development

Every organization deserves a well-functioning board of directors.  They must collaborate efficiently and effectively as they drive toward the organization's mission.  In today's times, boards must operate at peak performance to promote growth and sustain results.  We work with executive teams to help them unleash potential, become more effective, and create breakthrough results.  Our goal is to maximize the talent of your assembled board talent.   Read More


Organization Development

An organization's most important asset are it employees. They have the knowledge, experience and power to move the organization forward or to stall it.  Effective leaders know keeping the organization as a whole healthy is the key toward a vibrant future.  They know that when their organization is functioning well, everything is better.  Period.  Employees are happier.  Productivity is higher.  The company is more successful. We offer a number of change management strategies to help align individuals and organizations to reach its goals.   Read More

Training & Development

While we customize all of its services to meet our customers needs, our clients have shown us some common themes occurring in organizations.  Our training & development workshops have been designed in response.  These workshops are an effective way to gain constructive insight and understanding in an organization leading to improved performance in the workplace.  Read More

"Building and sustaining a successful leadership team is no easy task; especially when the work of the organization requires leaders with a diverse set of skills, knowledge, experiences, approaches and perspectives to be successful.  In his unique way, Scott was able to enhance the effectiveness of our team by listening, analyzing, educating, coaching, challenging and encouraging.  His skills and his approach helped each member of our team learn learn how to bring his/her skills to the work that needs to be done in a way that enhances every team member and the team itself.  The positive impact of Scott's work is being felt throughout our agency."

Dr. Ed Ehlinger,
Minnesota Department of Health

"Working with Scott through a series of meetings effectively catalyzed needed development in our leadership team.  This came at a crucial time, following a rapid expansion into a new service line with a relatively inexperienced and itself expanding team.  By looking thoughtfully at our individual and collective resources and challenges, with Scott's input and guidance, we were able to intentionally consolidate and harness individual talents into group synergies that might not have otherwise coalesced, and certainly not as robustly."

Dr. Stephen Setterberg,
Founder & Owner,