Our Board Services

The senior leadership in an organization is ultimately responsible for the overall health of the organization.  It's their duty to cover governance, strategy and succession planning.  Is your senior team on the right track?  Are they strategically aligned with the organizations goals and objectives?  Is your team working at their top potential, aligned with everyone's strengths?  In the event of the sudden loss of key individuals is your organization prepared with candidates to step into those roles?  We can help.

Strategic Planning                                                       

To meet today's business challenges, organizational leaders must execute viable business strategies that will project them into the future to keep them running strong.  They need long-term goals and objectives linked with practical strategies and initiatives that move the organization toward its stated purpose.  How do they get there?  With a well thought-out strategic plan.  

However, creating a strategic plan can be a challenging undertaking.  But with a systematic approach, essential elements can be assembled into a logical, comprehensive final product.  We can ensure the successful development of your organization's strategic plan.  We can help your organization develop a strong strategic plan aimed at a productive, profitable future.  A strategic plan developed by senior management with our assistance means your organization will have a strategic planning framework and process that can be leveraged for optimal organizational effectiveness.



Board Effectiveness

Executing strategic initiatives and delivering on bottom-line business goals are absolutely essential to a board's success.  Is your board aligned to meet those expectations?  Boards that regularly assess their strategy report greater productivity and have assurance they are operating to their full-potential.  Boards that do not evaluate, run the risk of impairing the organization's performance.   

Our board development offerings gauge overall board effectiveness.  We provide expertise on managing and developing executive teams and work with clients to implement a process that helps improve overall board performance.  We work with boards to assess board dynamics, evaluate individual and collective abilities and contributions, conduct board effectiveness evaluations and align, plan and assist implementing strategic change and goals.  Our goal is to make sure you're on track to you meet your goals.  

Succession & Selection

Leaders at one in five organizations are unprepared to deal with the sudden loss of key executives according to a recent online survey of 1,098 senior managers and executives conducted by the American Management Association's Corporate Learning Solutions.

Regardless of the size of your organization, succession planning and management demands thought and attention.  Putting a succession and selection process in place enables an organization to tap into an ongoing pool of talent at all levels and at all times.  Targeting, developing and monitoring candidates who will be ready to take on the next leadership role when the time comes benefits not only the organization, but its customers. 

Is your organization prepared for a sudden loss of key individuals?  Effective succession planning doesn't happen overnight.  It's a process that requires ongoing thought and planning.  We can help with your succession and selection needs so you and your organization can be prepared when its needed most. 


"Scott created a customized approach for the Shakopee Chamber and Visitors Bureau's strategic planning process.  His methodology catered to our unique business and organizational interests at the Chamber for the short and long term, and he was able to engage a very diverse group of participants equally throughout the day.  I am confident the future is bright due to the clarity we now have as a result of the planning process."


 Angie Whitcomb,


Shakopee Chamber & Visitors Bureau

"Scott listened to our unique needs and customized a strategic planning process for our charter school. The skills used to gently guide us along the formal planning process helped to influence the positive direction for our entire school. We are very satisfied with the intentionality that Scott brought to the relationship."

Matt Cisewski,

Executive Director,

Aurora Charter School