Our Leadership Services

Leadership is one of the most critical factors in determining an organization's success.  Great leaders make things happen.  Companies that prosper do so under great leadership.  Are effective leaders born that way?  Most unlikely.  Leaders are made.  Effective leadership develops over time; it's a process of learning, growing and developing.  How are your leaders doing?  Is your organization investing in the development of leaders?  We can help.

Executive Coaching                                                    

Today's leaders need to be more productive and demonstrate more skills than ever.  They need to perform effectively and produce results.  They must execute viable business strategies.  Effective leaders ask,  "How can we take a good thing and make it better?"  The seasons of a leader's career sometimes calls for a trusted partner to navigate the passages with them.  Whether sharpening an existing skills-set, providing a sounding board, broadening organizational awareness, developing executive presence or simply reminding leaders it's okay to have doubt sometimes, executive coaching is a safety net to give leaders a competitive advantage.  

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360 Degree Feedback

What makes companies successful?  Leadership.  What makes leadership effective?  Setting goals, aligning strategies and knowing how to take a good thing and make it better.  360 Degree Feedback is ideal if an organization seeks sustainable individual development and believes leadership effectiveness is a necessary driver of employee engagement.  Each assessment is customized for the leader and the organization to align with known goals, objectives and competencies.  Our reporting and action planning tools enable leaders to align strategic change within the organization for overall effectiveness.  We enable leaders to create sustainable organizational improvement by helping them become more effective leaders.


Leadership Competency Development

Leadership is more than just "the next person in line".  A focus on leadership competency and skill development promotes better leadership and leads to superior performance.  When organizations use a competency-based approach to leadership, they can
navigate through purposeful development of their next generation of leaders for behaviors necessary for organizational outcomes.  A planned process of identifying leadership competencies brings clarity to senior leadership. 


We recognize the value of collecting internal and external performance data on leaders.  We tap into several well recognized, valid and reliable instruments found in the marketplace.  We will use, where appropriate:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator--The MBTI is designed to measure personality temperament preferences along four domains:  Extroversion and Introversion, Sensing and Intuition, Thinking and Feeling, Judging and Perceiving.

    • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument--The TKI is designed to measure a person's conflict styles in work and personal life.  Five styles are measured against how much a person asserts themselves and/or how much a person cooperates with others.  The five conflict style measures are:  Control, Collaborate, Avoid, Accommodate and Compromise.

      • DiSC Profile--The DiSC is an assessment of behavior at work and/or personal life measuring Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.  There is value to individuals and teams when using DiSC.  Insight of others behaviors helps to break down real and imagined barriers between team members when results are shared.

        • Polarity Assessment for Continuity and Transformation--The PACT assessment allows a management team to see individual and group interpretations of performance of key polarities within an organization.  Typical polarities measured include:  Change and Stability, Mission and Margin, Short-term and Long-term Planning and Centralized and Decentralized Decisions

            "The executive development relationship with Scott Morrell helped me to assimilate quickly into my role as Vice President Alumni Foundation - Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN.  The process allowed me to positively re-frame my understanding of a new culture, new staff and new relationship with the university president.  Higher education leaders would be well served to consider a coach whether new to their institution or in the process of significant change."

            Laura Huth
            VP University Foundation,
            University of Minnesota - Moorhead