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When employees understand how their daily tasks align with the organization's mission, values and goals, then work becomes more meaningful.  And when work becomes more meaningful, people enjoy what they are doing.  And when people enjoy what they are doing, they deliver better results.  How is the health of your organization?  Do you have carefully planned strategic goals to guide and direct your employees? Is your company aligned with those goals? How do employees feel about the organization?  We can help.

Employee Engagement & Climate Survey                 

Customized Employee Engagement & Climate Surveys are designed specifically with your organization's unique goals and objectives in mind to help gain valuable insight as to the health of the organization.  These surveys provide a direct means of assessing employee opinions that would otherwise be unreported.  They can be used to gather feedback on a variety of issues such the organization's success in communicating its mission to the quality of the working environment.  By assessing people, structure, strategy, culture and operations,we can help ensure organizational alignment with strategic goals, measure employee engagement and drive business improvement.

Mentorship Systems Design                 

Mentoring is a time-proven strategy that allows a younger generation to benefit from senior experience. Formalized mentorship programs allow for senior leaders to pour knowledge and skill to newer members of the organization.  A well-designed mentorship program has key essential elements to make it successful:  screening potential mentors, making matches based on the interests of the mentor and mentee, providing adequate training for the mentor, and offering post-match training and support.  We can assist your organization with launching a formal Mentorship System Design.

Mission, Vision & Values Development                 

Does your organization have a Mission Statement?  A Vision Statement?  A Values Statement?  Can employees tell you the organizations Mission, Vision & Values Statement?  Are these statement being used to guide your organization's work?  If not, your organizations missing out on some of the simplest and most effective tools to effectively guide employees.  We can assist your organization in a facilitated process to clarify (for everyone) the organizational mission (purpose), where the organization is going (vision), and what drivers steer attention (values).

Organizational Design                 

A recent survey by Strategy& disclosed that 42 percent of executives felt their organizations are not aligned with strategy and have significant shortcomings when it comes to developing and executing strategy.  Developing an Organizational Design that supports your capabilities and strategy is an effective way to align strategy.  An analysis of the proverbial "right seats on the bus" and location of those seats helps talented professionals know what is expected of them.

Organizational Health Assessment              

Some say that simply securing the best talent will ensure organizational success.  That is, find the best of the best and you're automatically set up for success.  Most of the time, that's not the case.  Most often, organizations need to align themselves for maximum Organizational Health.  Organizational Health is visibly seen in organizations that have high morale, productivity and efficiency with minimal dysfunctional politics and confusion. 
An Organizational Health Assessment is a  diagnostic process used to assess general we
ll-being (i.e. communication, trust, integrity and teamwork) for c-suite and senior management teams. 
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Succession Planning             

Is your organization prepared for a sudden loss of key individuals?  Effective succession planning doesn't happen overnight.  Regardless of the size of your organization, succession planning and management demands thought and attention.  Putting a succession and selection process in place enables an organization to tap into an ongoing pool of talent at all levels and at all times.  Targeting, developing and monitoring candidates who will be ready to take on the next leadership role when the time comes benefits not only the organization, but its customers. We can help with your succession and selection needs so you and your organization can be prepared when its needed most.  Read More

Strategic Planning          

Creating a strategic plan can be a challenging undertaking.  But with a systematic approach, essential elements can be assembled into a logical, comprehensive final product.  We can help your organization develop a strong strategic plan aimed at a productive, profitable future.  A strategic plan developed by senior management with our assistance means your organization will have a strategic planning framework and process that can be leveraged for optimal organizational effectiveness.  Each plan is customized to the business or organizational aspirations.  Models we routinely leverage include:  Future Search, Polarity Assessment for Continuity and Transformation, SWOT Analysis, Whole Scale Change and Open Space Technology.  Read More

Team Development

Teams are part of every organization.  And each team is unique with the individual skills-set it brings to the table.  No two are alike.  Successful teams require a shared vision of what needs to be accomplished.  They need effective communication, clear understanding of roles and strategy, productive execution, accountability, trust and an effective leader to achieve desired results.  The strength of these inter-related elements determines the functionality of the team.  Before developing effective team building strategies, we take the time to listen to the particular challenges your team is experiencing.  We then design and deliver training and development with your unique results in mind.   Read More

"Lake Region Medical, a medical device manufacturer, partnered with Scott to facilitate a series of change management initiatives (i.e. team coaching, 1:1 coaching, corporate culture change) with our vice presidents, directors and managers.  Scott's approach has moved the dial in a positive direction for increasing our communication, our team attitudes and management of constructive conflict.  We are in a better place because of Scott's leadership with Lake Region Medical."

Clayton Benish,

VP Human Resources,

Lake Region Medical